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Happy New Year! With a new year comes Toronto IBI's new dates for our social skills program! We have posted our social skills dates for the next two blocks and spots are filling up fast! For more information and to reserve your child's spot online, please click HERE.


TIBI is always looking for qualified and enthusiastic Instructor Therapists to work in the Greater Toronto Area

If you want to make a difference in a child's life, come join our team!

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ABA Services in Toronto
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Comprehensive Outreach Services

Whether your child has recently received IBI funding from the ministry, or you have chosen to pay privately for your child's treatment, comprehensive outreach services are available at Toronto IBI.

The clinicians at Toronto IBI are qualified to assess your child's developmental abilities (including problem behaviors), design effective intervention and service plans, and also provide on-going supervision of treatment programs. Similarly, the instructor therapists aat Toronto IBI are experienced and effective at providing one-on-one therapy utilizing the teaching principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

What is Outreach?

Unlike centre-based programming- where a parent drops their child off at a centralized school-like environment- outreach services are therapy services provided at a child's home, daycare or school.

Benefits of Therapy at Home:
  • Teaching occurs in the student's natural environment
  • Increased opportunities for programming towards the environments which a child frequents- e.g. the mall, the store, the playground, on the subway, etc.
  • Problem behaviors at home can be effectively assessed and targeted
  • Parents and family must play an active role in a child's therapy
  • Increased parent and family involvement and decision making
  • Flexibility in session times

Quality of Service Guarantee

At Toronto IBI, we understand the financial burdens of supporting a child on the spectrum. As such, a number of payment options for services are available. But business aside, we will ALWAYS provide the best available services for your child. If our ability to provide quality and effective services for your child is in doubt, we will recommend alternate service providers that can meet your child's needs.

Free Consultation!

Toronto IBI offers free consultation to assess the needs of your child. We will come to your home to make a preliminary evaluation of your child's developmental needs before recommending services. If we canot meet your child's current needs, we will make resources available in order to help your child find a service provider that can do so.

Autism Services in Toronto
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