Toronto IBI: Children's Learning Centre officially opened in 2012 with a vision for providing ABA and IBI therapy as well as transitional services for children who are ready to attend school without one-on-one support.

Our 1800 sq. ft. Chilren's Learning Centre is conveniently located within walking distance of Sheppard West TTC Subway Station at Allen Rd. and Sheppard Ave West. Our brightly-lit, clean and comfortable facilities boast the use of up-to-date technology, a classroom for transitional training, as well as a gymnasium for children to learn motor skills, stay active, and interact with their peers in a sports-oriented environment.

What is Centre Based Programming?

For children who are advanced learners, centre based therapy is often as close to the replication of a child's natural academic environment as possible without being in a child's school. For early learners, a centre based learning environment is often a more structured and less distracting location for children to learn compared to their home where parents and other family members can often increase maladaptive behaviours which interfere with learning.

In addtion, a centre based program allows families the ease and convenience of dropping their children off at a centralized location which provides their child with a consistent programming environment on a daily basis. Our Children's Learning Centre is located minutes off of Highway 401 which also facilitates the ease of a family's daily commute to and from their place of employment.

Some Benefits of Centre Based Programming:
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Models a school/daycare environment to help promote generalization
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Assists in transition back into a mainstream daycare/school program
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Increased interaction with a large array of adults and teachers
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Teaching occurs in a consistent, controlled programming environment
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Teaching can occur away from a distracting home environment
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Increased opportunities for social ineteraction and communication with peers
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Training available for parents to promote programming consistency at home
  • Toronto Autism ServiceslabelToronto Autism Services Flexibility in drop-off and pick-up times

Quality of Service Guarantee

At Toronto IBI, we understand the financial burdens of supporting a child on the spectrum. As such, a number of payment options for services are available. But business aside, we are committed to always provide the best available clinically appropriate services for your child. If our ability to provide quality and effective services for your child is in doubt, we will recommend alternate service providers that can meet your child's needs.

Toronto IBI is Qualified to Provide Evidence Based Behavioural Services Under the NEW Ontario Autism Program (OAP)


Ontario Autism Program (OAP)

Toronto IBI meets all the requirements put forth by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) for the new Onatrio Autism Program (OAP).

Our Clinical Director, Kingston Chui, M.A., BCBA, has been a certified Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) since 2010 and is a qualified Clinical Supervisor for families participating in the new OAP.


Collaboration with Families

We recognize the difficulties of having a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and understand that families will advocate for what is best for their child. Often this will include the incorporation of different classes and activities aimed at broadening their child's development.

At Toronto IBI, we always encourage families to involve their child in as many new activities and classes as possible, as increased exposure to new experiences result in an increase in learning opportunities. Toronto IBI will be there every step of the way to help aid you and your child as you navigate through different extracurricular activities.


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